Beer Pork Sausages
Beer Pork Sausages
Beer Pork Sausages

Beer Pork Sausages

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These beer sausages will sweep you off your feet! Easy to cook and pairs well with the sous vide mashed potatoes. The sausages have been stewed in beer and aromatics to form its unique and flavorful taste. This will surely make your family and friends feel you cooked something special with less work. Gift to your friends so you can all have a chill day or night at the safety of your homes with good food. 

Some tips for cooking the bangers:

  • Delivered frozen and can keep up to 2 months in the freezer.
  • Defrost a day or 4 hours at room temperature before cooking.
  • Comes with sauce and onions in the bag, do not throw away the sauce!
  • Sear in a preheated pan with oil of choice until desired crust is achieved
  • Simmer sauce in same pan until reduced to half of initial amount or until desired consistency 
  • Add butter to sauce off heat

Comes in vacuum packed bag. There are 4 pieces sausages with sauce inside the bag (850 grams). Sausages have been pre-cooked with the sauce and only need to be seared and served warm.

 Don't forget to indicate your preferred pick up or delivery date before check out! Will need 2 days lead time. 

Some testimonials from our clients:

"Exceeded my expectations! Flavor and aromatics were on point. The balance of the sweetness and saltiness blended perfectly in every bite accompanied with a creamy yet chunky mashed potatoes. Clean plate!"


 "Bomb bangers and mashed potatoes! Lunch is ready! Easy to cook and yummy!"


"Delicious bangers and mash!"


In collaboration with Matthias.