About Us

Take a tasty trip down memory lane with our delightful cakes and other pastries specially made for your every occasion.

Crafted with love and kneaded together with the freshest ingredients, we make sure our pastry treats are proportioned for perfection to definitely gratify your taste buds and reminisce those good memories.

You can order online from our menu of delectable pastries or get a glimpse of how our pastries look like by heading over to our Instagram account (@indulgepatisserieph).

Taste of Nostalgia

Remember mom and dad bringing home your first ube cake? How about having your favorite chocolate cake on your birthday? Or even celebrating an intimate occasion with a classic mocha cake shared with people closest to your heart?

In every occasion, most people grew up on a tradition of having a cake specially baked for every celebration. From reminiscing memories to sharing good old stories, family and friends come together to celebrate and create new memories while having a slice of cake.

At Indulge Patisserie, we make occasions more memorable with our classic and all-time favorite cakes and pastries specially made for life’s events and milestones. We believe that delightful cakes make good memories worth treasuring.

Indulge in every slice

They say a cake is the heart of every occasion, we say making memories is the real essence of every celebration.

One slice can never be enough. We bake with quality, consistency, and delight to ensure good memories will come along—that’s why our cakes are best shared with the people you love and cherish the most.

Share delightful memories. With our classic and all-time favorite cakes and pastries, we bring a delightful taste to our heavenly creations so you and your loved ones can create new memories that are worth remembering and sharing.